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The Wig Gurus

Lace Wig and Lace Closure Tint in Caramel Frappe

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The Wig Gurus lace tint is your secret weapon to match your skin tone to your lace wig units. Our professional formula is vegan and cruelty free allowing for a safe alternative to traditional tinting methods. Caramel Frappe is the perfect lace tint for use on lace wigs for people with medium brown skin.   

- A Beautiful discovery of the natural Rainbow 

Our journey has taken us around the world, and years to source the best natural pigments. The results? A world renowned lace tint. Take a dive into the natural colour spectrum.


- Lace Married to Tone 

Your lace had a child with our tint and it birthed your second skin. 


- Worry Less, Flaunt More

Its all about you showing the world that you no longer have to worry about any lace showing.



Caramel Frappe is a unique tone. We know this because its our best seller! It is ideal for people who have golden undertones. Colour intensifies the more products used. This makes caramel frappe the perfect option for tanned, medium and deep skin tones.

Active Ingredients

Camomille, Tumeric, Cedarwood


Products are dispatched within 3 to 5 working days. For U.K orders please allow an extra 2 working days for delivery.

For international orders please allow an extra 7-14 working days for delivery. 

Care Instructions


Shake the bottle well.

Then turn the nozzle on.

Spray a light layer of lace tint onto clean dry lace. For best results, the knots on your lace front wigs, lace frontal, and lace closures should be bleached.

Air drying is recommended. If more tone is needed simply apply more product.

Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

  • Free Shade Matching Service

    Fair to medium skin tone? Golden undertones? Do you think that you fall under this shade? For a more accurate shade match, feel free to chat, email, or send us a message on our social media pages.