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The Wig Gurus

“Moremi” Handmade Full Lace Wig

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Raw Human Hair lace wig in 24 inches Curly natural black

All of The Wig Gurus lace wigs are handmade.  Our professional team of wig ventilators hand-tie each lace closure and lace frontal, lace closure and full lace wig. Use with our lace tint to provide undetectable HD lace and HD film lace. 



Empower yourself to flaunt with confidence 

Enhancing your natural beauty is only the first step on our to-do list. Next step is wait for you to tell us the stories of people confusing our lace closure or frontal with your own hair. Top it off with our lace tint. That's our definition of  Confidence on 100.


Precision in every knot 

Our knots are constructed small so that you can save time on the bleaching process, or better yet DONT BLEACH AT ALL! Its really not necessary for your pieces and it helps them last so much longer. 


Give your stylists a break 

Sometimes you got to wow your stylist by giving them exquisite hair pieces to work with. Show them you know your ish when it comes to this lace business. 


Welcome to The Hands off Experience 

Save over 30 mins every time you put on or style your caviar lace closure or lace frontal. The Wig Gurus have got you. We are not here to waste your time.