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Why we will Never sell a lace glue

Wig Glues, lace glue, wig adhesive…

Lace Glue, wig glue, and waterproof lace glue is designed for security and convenience. A necessary evil with wigs it seems. As a hairdresser who specializes in wigs I’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to the damage wig glue can do. It can have devastating, painful, and embarrassing effects on the person. To cut a long story short, lace glue can be toxic. Many consumers don’t even know what these synthetic ingredients can do. It can wreak complete havoc causing anything From contact dermatitis to hair loss. 

Synthetic ingredients are man-made products. The petroleum-based products and parabens are some of the most popular that is common in stores. We should all be aware by now tha t these are not the best for your skin, hair or the environment, but they have their uses. 

Why lace glue ?

Well to be honest it’s because they are cheap and readily available. They have a variety of uses from waxing your car to keeping moisture trapped in your skin. Lace glues are made up of chemical-based silicones and adhesives. Things that really shouldn’t be anywhere near your skin for extended periods of time. 

Think of it like a chemical peel. I personally use plant based Chemical peels.

So let’s just clarify, chemical doesn’t mean synthetic. Chemicals are everything. Even water is a chemical. In this case, we are clearly distinguishing between synthetic chemicals and plant-based chemicals.  Synthetic chemicals are substances manufactured by humans. using methods that nature doesn’t. Ultimately you would never find these chemicals naturally occurring in nature. 

The Analogy

So back to the chemical peel analogy. These peels are designed to attach to the outermost layer of your skin and cause it to peel to reveal fresh new baby soft skin. Synthetic lace glues have this same effect- minus the fresh and baby-soft part because your precious skin will be inflamed. So every time you put on that glue and don’t take it off the right way, you’re essentially doing this. Eventually, it wears so thin that it becomes extremely sensitive, and inflamed in the worst cases, you start to lose your hair. Crazy right?

We have done our research, got the cosmetic qualifications, and have discovered there is no plant-based product that can have a stronghold like a lace wig glue. What is out there doesn’t work and to be honest, we are not really the type to play with nature so we are not mad about that at all! Maybe if we dedicate the next few years to it we can come up with something, but for now, that’s just not at the top of our list! 

The Lace glue you have been looking for from us won’t ever come

It goes against our ethos and we are just not interested in engaging in things that can cause harm to people. It’s not good karma, that's just my personal belief. Here we are more interested in harnessing the power of nature in order to wear your wigs with peace of mind and protect your precious real hair and scalp. Whether you have a full head of hair or complete hair loss, trust and believe we care about them equally. 

So feel free to use lace glues, wig glues, wig tapes. Research and use safe practices. Google is your friend and it’s free! You can Easily search the ingredients on your wig glue (even though the majority of them don’t state them fully- USA we are looking at you! The regulations are wild! Research has suggested the majority if not all lace glue is composed of the same ingredients. 

Remember for ingredients lists, the ingredient that is in there the most is at the beginning. It then works its way down to the least in there. If you see aloe Vera or strawberry as the main marketing claim for it, and it’s someone near the end of the list, sorry to break it to you but it’s more than likely just there for aesthetics and it’s not doing much to work in harmony with the already abrasive ingredients.

DO your research,

We make our products for all skin types but we also pay close attention to sensitive skin. We make sure there’s nothing too harsh to trigger issues with sensitive skin in mind. Regardless of whether the product is synthetic or natural, it's always advisable to do a patch test! 

As we gear up to release our new product line the Genesis Collection, we want to make sure that we keep you informed on our process and practices. Natural and organic products do wonders for your hair, skin, and the environment! This is nothing new. It’s part of our company ethos to enforce this. That’s why it’s taken us so long to come up with something new. Trust and believe it will be worth the wait! 

Take care until next time! 

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