Start taking your hairline health seriously when wearing wigs and extensions

Start taking your hairline health seriously when wearing wigs and extensions

“I always say this to my clients who wear lace front wigs that the most important part of the wig and your natural hair is the hairline.”

The Look 

Now it's simply because it’s the most aesthetically pleasing part of your wig serving the purpose to camouflage the essence that it is a wig. It helps it look as natural and realistic as possible. And similar things apply to your natural hairline, as that is the first thing that people see when they look at your hair unless they’re looking at you from another perspective, but let’s assume that looking at you from the front. The hairline is so important because it frames your face and it is the most important part of your natural  hair when it comes to aesthetics, looks and perception. a hairline can make you either look like you are losing hair and that is usually associated with older age or it can be a more fuller hairline which signifies a younger more healthy appearance. It even has applications in determining your race due to the nuances in hairline curl pattern and styling.

Let's even take hair transplant surgery. I am not qualified in this area however from a professional viewpoint I would assume that the the creation of the hairline is a crucial part of the surgery and they have to literally design like an artist. A hairline creation on this level takes skill and time to get right.

Your own natural hairline is part of your Dna, it is an art form. It should be treated as such and given the love attention that it needs so that it can thrive whether it’s under a wig or whether it's out Naturally. 

The Damage 

Around a third of all black women have had some type of hair loss issue usually relating to traction alopecia. And the hairline has been a hot topic in relation to it, as it's been an issue in the community for the longest time. Traction alopecia is basically hair loss that is due to traction placed on your hairline if the style is too tight or too abrasive it will make the hairs fall out and in the worst case scenario the hairs will never grow back that is also a severe form of Alopecia.

So why is there not any products that are created specifically to the hairline especially for those wearing wigs. And this where The Wig Gurus step in. being behind the chair,  the hairline is probably the most abused part of the hair, when it comes to installing wigs. We’ve dealt with so many customers that have come to us looking for answers to problems that are caused by other stylist and their application of their hair units. This makes it extremely sad and extremely difficult sometimes to explain to customers what has happened to their hair. This then results in a psychological cycle which is easy to get caught of dependency on wigs. 

 We have really taken the time to invest in research into the correct ingredients to make our undercover line.  The undercover line is targeted specifically just to the hairline, we are not focusing on the rest of the head simply because this is our most pressing issue that needs to be addressed. 

The hairline  is the most fragile part of your hair and should be treated as such.  Baby hairs are not called baby hair for no reason. They are actually babies and you should be pampered likewise. 

Heat, glue and tension fabric being the lace and the stocking caps all play a part on the hairline. And not to mention,  if you’re also suffering from postpartum depression or hormonal hair loss challenges  having these variables on top of it,  is not really very helpful too. 

So we have devised a product line which will be your hairline ritual for when you wear wigs and even if you don’t, it’s still a fantastic regiment to have specifically to pamper your hairline.

Introducing The Undercover range 

Blue Silk 

So the first product in the range is the blue silk. This is probably my favourite product because it actually took the longest to formulate, but it is the most simple and effective product in the range. The blue silk is a multipurpose product but it's primarily designed to help you release yourself from the bondage of Glue. It is firstly a glue remover but what makes it more special than the rest is the fact that it contains penetrating ingredients which are going to help your hairline stay in optimum condition.  Blue tansy is what gives it is blue colour and that is very calming and soothing anti-inflammatory antihistamine natural ingredient. this is why we highly suggest that you use it before you put on your wigs as a cleanser to help clean the hairline and create the most beautiful calming atmosphere with it's rich aroma.  What nobody likes to mention in the wig community is that to clean the hairline they say use alcohol. That is an extremely drying ingredient because it's a natural dehydrator- think to those nights out where you drank too much and the next day you're searching from a well to drink from because you're so dehydrated. Same same!

We already know that with type 3 and 4 hair are naturally the driest hair types, we can’t 1- make it even more dry 2- to go and put an adhesive on it which is just going to suck all the life out of your hairline and clog your follicles and strip off tiny layers of your skin each time.  so we highly suggest cleansing with the blue silk. What is brilliant about the blue silk is when used as a cleanser,  once you add some water, it activates into a milk which makes it easy to wipe off. is oil base but it is Container oils that are not oily we called dry oils and deep penetrating oils in particular squalene which is part of the skin's natural protective layout this helps restore some protection back into the hairline and the scalp.

The undercover Hairline treatment 

Next in the regiment is the hairline treatment. Undoubtedly one of my favourite treatments to ever apply to your hair because not only is it a fabulous stimulating mask- it also doubles up as a scalp moisturizer specifically when it feels dry and irritated. If you suffer from dry scalp and irritation this treatment is beautiful. It helps to unclog your pores with it's fruit acid complex. Perfectly designed as what you need after being under your wig for sometime.

This is a gel based treatment and you just simply apply it with a dry spoon or a dry finger onto your dry hairline. Please make sure that it is dry because like it's sibling  the blue silk it does activate into a milk once it comes in contact with water to boost cleansing.  This treatment is packed with our signature herbal oil blend which helps to penetrate, rejuvenate the hair follicles. Overall, the satisfying cooling feeling for the hairline after it has been under immense pressure is absolutely amazing.

The Undercover hairline serum 

Finally the hairline serum which is the holy grail of the range. It contains all the ingredients needed to make sure you are well protected and your hair follicles can stay rejuvenated even under cover. It's a complex balm with potent botanicals. My favourite part of the product is that it creates the most luxurious velvet skin barrier which is perfect for applying your wig adhesives on top of. It is non greasy and helps prevent sweat so that ultimately your eigs can last longer. Due to tit protective nature, if used before for wig adhesives, it actually helps with removal when the time comes. The undercover serum is packed full of high-performance actives including backuoil praised for skin regenerating properties and controlling inflammation. Caffeine to help boost hair growth, hyaluronic acid for maximum moisture release whilst under wigs and Kombo butter to help remove the pain that wigs can sometimes inflict.


The fact is your hairline can either make or break your wig or your own natural hairstyle. certain styles just don’t look the same if your hairline is not that great, so it’s important to make sure that we take hairline health and care to another level and set the overall standard. Wigs shouldn’t have to be a compromise for the health of your natural hair and scalp. 

The Majority of products currently on the market that are geared towards releasing your glue and protecting your hairline are not natural nor innovative, and they are cheaply made because it’s just not a sector that anyone has really taken the time to offer us better and more luxury ingredients within these products. At The Wig Gurus we are doing just that. Every product is 100% natural and organic, and based on the notion that all of the products that we produce actually work,  and serve a specific purpose whilst giving you a luxurious and intimate user experience.

Your hairline deserves it’s on ritual and we have brought you exactly that. 


Until next time family! 

Belinda ❤️


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