Why does my Wig Hurt?

Why does my Wig Hurt?


Lace Wigs and pain. Not the best match, trust me. Coupled with sweat? Omg just kill me now! 

We have a deep love for wigs around here, not just for the fashion aesthetic but more so for the confidence it brings so many people every day and all around the world. 

But why does wearing them gotta be so painful sometimes? Well, let's dive into some of the most common reasons we have found for installing wigs behind the chair.

  1. Wig glues and adhesives- Now I'm talking all kinds of sticky things down to the got-to-be. Yes, it can be damn painful! But why? Ok, so I love an analogy. Think about it like a facelift. (If you’re from London you gotta know about the croydon facelift. If you’re not as defined by googling it “In English slang, a Croydon facelift is a particular hairstyle worn by some women. The hair is pulled back tightly and tied in a bun or ponytail at the back. The supposed result is that the skin of the forehead and face are pulled up and back, producing the effects of a facelift” This facelift snatched your hairline so you had fox eyes for days! Wigs can essentially do the same thing when glued down strategically. The glue is placed on the hairline and creates a pulling sensation once you secure the back down with either your band and/or clips. That ish can be so painful when it's worn for an extended period. It can cause migraines and just hairline aches- yes that's a thing because we just coined the term right now!
  2. The wig is too small. This is pretty much self-explanatory. But it's crazy how a lot of people still get this wrong and it's not always their fault! Just like buying clothes- sometimes different retailers have different versions of small medium and large. We have worked with plenty of wigs and yes there are slight differences in wigs being made by differing r people and companies. There’s a lot of information on google about wig measurements and it is best to follow one of those to get the most accurate fit.
  3. The position of the band clips and combs. Ok, let us strut off with the band. This can be made too tight and irs a nightmare when rhis happens. A quick tip if tou sont want to butcher your wig if you’re not confident to reposition it is to cut a slit in the middle of the band, this extends it by about an inch- thank me later. Those pesky clips are combs are always positioned wrong in premade wigs right? Yeah cut them out and save yourself the headache! Get it? Lol. But seriously they are not always needed especially if tou have minimal hair and the wig is made right. 
  4. Wefted wigs. Ok, so wefted wigs can be closure or frontal wigs. Full lace wigs are made on a full lace foundation. Wefted wigs can get heavy especially if you’re tender-headed like me. 3 bundles are just way too much hair for me and it feels like my neck is going to break! If tou do go for a wefted wog just make sure it is not so thick or go for a full lace wig! Wearing wigs for extended period. Look, whether we Lind it or not a wig is a wig. You can look at it like an item if clothing. Eventually its going yo get uncomfortable and you’re going yo have to take it off and breathe! Those long sessions if days or weeks of not taking off your wig is going yo start to irritate you. Thus could mean more itching where Yoh start scratch v more and making a particular point sore. Just take a break sometimes! Trust me its ok.
  5. You’re not taking care of your scalp and hair. That statement looks wild but I said what I said! It happens yo the best of us at times where we just neglect our head. This leads to dryness, more itching Lind above. Give your head, scalp and hair regular talc. It works a charm
  6. You are having an allergic reaction to either the adhesive, hair dye and chemicals used on the wig hairs. Just like how some people have allergic reactions to synthetic hair, the same can be for human hair as some manufactured put chemicals on the hair to make it extra bone straight or curly. These chemicals can and adhesives can cause contact dermatitis- something I’ve had and it’s not nice at all!! 

These are 6 of the most common reasons we have found with our clients and myself the sensitive skin mama! It’s a headache having sensitive skin but it’s very common and seems to become more common in older age. 

Prevention is always better than cure so make sure you patch test new products and give new wigs a test run before committing yourself. 


Our new Undercover range will launch in October and be a saviour for those with sensitive skin and those who just want extra protection...watch this space! 


I hope this helps you guys!


Love always 


Belinda ❤️

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