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Understanding Lace Tint for Wigs


Hey Lovely! If you're looking to enhance the natural look of your wig, you may have heard of lace tinting. This process involves coloring the lace material that forms the base of your wig, creating a more seamless blend between the hair and your scalp. But, what exactly is it, and how can it help you achieve a more realistic appearance? In this article, we'll explore the basics and its benefits.

What is Lace Tinting?

Lace tinting is the process of coloring the lace material that forms the base of your wig. This is typically done using a semi-permanent dye that is carefully applied to the lace, creating a more natural-looking blend between the hair and your scalp. The tint is applied in thin layers, building up the desired shade gradually. This ensures that the color is even and natural-looking, and that the lace does not become too dark or opaque.


There are several benefits to lace tinting, including:

1. Improved Natural Look

One of the biggest benefits is the improved natural look it gives your wig. By coloring the lace to match your skin tone, the base of your wig will blend in more seamlessly with your scalp, creating a more realistic appearance. This is especially helpful if you have a lighter skin tone and your wig has a lighter lace base.

2. Longer-lasting Color

The semi-permanent dye used in lace tinting lasts longer than temporary sprays or powders, which can fade quickly. This means that your wig will look more natural for longer, without the need for frequent touch-ups.

3. Versatility

Lace tinting allows you to choose the color that best matches your skin tone, so you can find the perfect shade to enhance the natural look of your wig. This is particularly useful if you want to wear your wig with different hairstyles or outfits, as the tinted lace will work with a variety of looks.

How to Lace Tint Your Wig

If you're interested in lace tinting, it's important to choose a professional brand like us that is experienced in this type of product ad processe. This will help ensure that the tint is applied evenly and that the lace is not damaged during the process. Here are the basic steps involved:

  1. Choose the right shade: Choose a shade that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. This will help create a more seamless blend between your scalp and the wig.

  2. Clean the lace: Before tinting, the lace should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. This helps to remove any oils or dirt that may interfere with the dye.

  3. Apply the product: Using a small brush or sponge, apply to the lace in thin, even layers. Build up the desired shade gradually, taking care to avoid any drips or smudging.

  4. Let it dry: Once the desired shade has been achieved, allow to dry completely before touching the lace.

  5. Style your wig: Once the tint has dried, style your wig as desired. The tinted lace will provide a natural-looking foundation that enhances the overall look of your wig.

Why The Wig Gurus Lace tint? 

Our World renowned  Classic Collection of All natural Lace tint comes in 4 Shades. Designed by professionals for use in salons or at home. The collection is based on the 4  shades of highly melanated skin ranging from fair to dark. These lace sprays are:

  •  Highly Pigmented 
  •  Designed to match the full melanin colour spectrum
  •  Professional All Natural Formula
  •  Classic shades can be mixed in order to achieve unique custom tones
  •  Long lasting. 50ml bottle can last up to 18 months

We specialize in providing professional-level formulas and innovative hair care products for wig enthusiasts.

Our journey began 5 years ago with the creation of an all-natural lace tint formula, the first of its kind in the world. From there, we branched out into handmade full lace wigs, closures, and frontals, and even offer wig repair services to help keep your wig looking its best.

Check out our professional line of all-natural lace tints for the ultimate lace tinting experience. 


Lace tinting is an excellent way to enhance the natural look of your wig and achieve a more seamless blend between your scalp and the hair. By choosing the right shade and working with a professional, you can achieve a natural and realistic appearance that lasts for a longer time. Whether you're looking to wear your lace wigs. 

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