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Lace Tint vs Makeup

Hey lovely! Lace tint vs makeup seems to be a hot debate in the wig industry. We believe there is absolutley room for both, but lets take a look in some detail what each one brings to the table. Lace wigs are not a new concept in the hair and beauty industry. However they have become extremely more popular within the last 3-5 years. The popularity has produced different and innovative ways to get the perfect match for the most undetectable wig. We will explore some of the techniques used here along with their pros and cons.

Lace tint Vs Makeup

Traditionally for people of color the go-to way for lace tinting was to use makeup. This only made sense as foundation comes in a variety of shades.  Now with the availability of more shades for women of colour, it has been a quick and easy method.


How to Apply to your lace wig:

Liquid or powder foundation is applied all over the lace area or just on the hairline in order to temporarily change the colour of the lace. The amount applied is dependant on who is carrying it out, but it is always great to practice using a little amount of product, and add more when needed. Our favourite foundation is fenty beauty 

The pros;

1- It is readily available and can be used by both stylists and people at home.

2- Cheaper products can be used. You don't have to buy the expensive foundations to get the results, cheaper drug store brands are regularly used for this.

3- It is quick to apply. Simply use a foundation brush to apply the product all over the lace area. 4- Great for when wearing a full face of makeup, as the line of demarcation will be less visible. Makeup works great as a temporary measure. However, this method does come with a few issues that raises concern.

The Cons;

1- It is pretty unhygienic; Unless you are washing your unit every day, putting a lace that has makeup and also sweat back onto your clean skin is a problem. It gets even worse when you now have it stuck to your head. You wouldn't encourage sleeping in makeup, so why is this acceptable with wigs and lace?

After all, your scalp is just an extension of your skin. It should be treated the same way in which you treat the rest of your body, with tlc.

2- Product buildup Due to the nature of makeup being made from mineral powders, oils and other ingredients, the tendency for buildup is inevitable. A common complaint with makeup is the tendency for it to look like its seeping through the tiny holes in the lace material. If you ask us, that's just not a nice look. Product buildup also reduces the way adhesives can work. The makeup can create a barrier to prevent the lace sticking properly to the skin, and also make it more obvious to the eye as the lace is now congested. If the lace you have is of great quality, a flawless look requires minimal product.

3- Cleaning We have had countless messages about how hard it is to clean units especially when strong hold adhesives are used in conjunction with it. Rubbing alcohol is a great way to remove adhesives, but even this becomes difficult once you add the makeup and sweat! 4- Its obvious; The majority of people using makeup on their lace often tend to use too much. This creates a flashback when taking pictures and the line of demarcation becomes noticeable in real life too. The fact that so many women are still wearing their wrong foundation shade also makes this worse.


How to Apply to your lace wig:

 The Wig Gurus Lace tint Formulated with natural and mineral dyes, these lace tints provides highly pigment shades on 4 colours most common to people of colour. The most common way to use the Tinted range is by directly spraying the product onto the lace. You then either let it air dry (reccommended) or blow dry.

In terms of mixing shades, you simply layer the colours of your choice on top of each other, making sure each layer dries before you apply a fresh one. There are two other ways and one is actually on the instructions label, and usually gets missed! You can use the lace tint in the same way as teabags and hair dyes. Heat up some solution and dip the lace in it. You can also try Reverse tinting. This is the act of spraying the lace tint on the outside of the lace unit, versus the inside.


The Pros of Lace Tints are :

- Already mixed shades. No need to figure out the right colours to use. -If our brand is used, it is a natural alternative to all other methods.

- The finish is more natural as the colour range is tailored to natural skin tones. - No product buildup, as it is a liquid which colours where you need it to, the lace!

- Saves so much more time


The cons of Lace tint are:

- You can easily get the shade matching wrong if you are not aware of how to use the product properly.

- You run the risk of wasting product If used incorrectly.


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