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Handmade lace wigs 101

Handmade lave wigs are here to stay, lets dig into why.  


Wig Types 

Handmade lace wigs come in a whole range of wig types! From lace frontal wigs, hard front wigs, U-part wigs, and full lace wigs. All of these types of wigs can be either fully handmade lace wigs, or machine-made lace wigs (also known as pre-made wigs). The most popular ones we see today are pre-made lace frontal, lace closure, and full lace wigs. Lace is the material used on the wig which is used to blend into the skin naturally. It also provides the foundation in which the individual hairs are tied onto you.  The thicker the lace is, the more ore visible this grid pattern becomes. We will create a whole post dedicated to just lace in the near future. 

Wigs have a long history in humanity. The British Museum holds a beautifully made wig at least 3,000 years old that was found in the Temple of Isis at Thebes. It is composed of hundreds of tiny curls still retain their carefully arranged shape. This shows us that wigs are here to stay, as they serve so many different purposes in ancient and modern-day times. 

All over the internet you will find Ready-made wigs. This are a type of wig  which are usually one-size-fits-all. The three main wig sizes are small medium and large and ready made wigs are mainly medium sized. These can be eaily  adjusted to individual heads. Uusally by means of either a stretchy foundation or adjustable sections around the edge of the foundation. Ready-made wigs can be made of either synthetic or human hair and are available in either machine-made or hand-tied versions.

Customers who are willing to pay more for a better fit can purchase custom wigs that are hand-knotted on different sizes and shapes of stock foundations. The best fit, however, is achieved with a custom-made wig. Made to the customer's exact head measurements, these wigs are held in place by tension springs or adhesive strips. Silicone foundations can be molded to the exact head shape, so that they are held in place by a suction fit.


Wig Ventilation 


A truly handmade lace wig is done via the art of wig ventilation. This is the process of taking individual hair strands and tying them onto the lace fabric with the help of a wig ventilating needle. Also referred to and  Hand-tied wigs. The process is tedious and requires a lot of attention to detail. Here at the Wigs Gurus, this is what we specialize in.  You can check out our range of handmade full lace wigs here

 Wig ventilation is great at you can customize a variety of features that are usually overlooked when purchasing a conventional wig. This is the parrying, the way the hair flows in particular the crown area and the intricate hairline details. Your wig can be ventilated in a variety of ways, from a full lace wig to just the hairline or a repair job. We document our process on our Instagram page here 


The benefits: 

  1. The Quality- There is no question that if you really want the best quality in anything, handmade is the way to go. This is because it lies in an individual work of art. No two pieces can ever be the same once they are handcrafted. It also allows for a transfer of energy in the form of love to reciprocate by the end user. That is something money truly can't buy. When you put on the wig you will instantly feel great as the creator was proud to produce your hair adornment 
  2. Connection to the maker. Hand-tied wigs are usually created by one artisan. This creates an amazing bond with your product as you know it was made by a highly skilled individual.
  3. Local artisan support- Supporting local artisans is crucial in any economy. Circulating the money within your community always helps to boost it.
  4. Eco-friendly - Handmade goods require little machinery in order to deliver products, unlike their commercial counterparts.  They rely heavily on is co2 emitting machinery. Handmade goods are an amazingly eco-friendly choice.  This should be a major concern of yours whilst shipping these days. 
  5. Creativity. The creative process is more intrinsic and specific
  6. Original - No two handmade gods can ever be the same. So, you can rest assured that you are getting an original product when you purchase handmade lace wigs 



Sewing machine vs needle and thread 

When it comes to lace frontal wigs, closure wigs U-part wigs or all wigs which have bundle weft attachments, its either done by a sewing machine or with standard needle and thread. Either one is acceptable to us, but it is a well-known fact that sewing machine wigs are more durable. Either way, both need to go through the process of being made by hand and that's a beautiful experience when done correctly. Needle and thread wigs take considerably longer to complete but are a great way for beginner wig makers to get to grips with the wig fundamentals 

Machine-made wigs are fabricated by weaving hair into wefts (hair shafts that are woven together at one end into a long strip). These can be sewn in rows to a net foundation. Hand-tied wigs, on the other hand, give a more natural look, particularly if slightly different shades of hair are blended before being applied to the foundation. Hand-tied wigs shed hair and must be repaired from time to time. With proper care, human-hair wigs generally last for two to six years.




Wig Customizations

Wig customizations come in the form of hairline shaping, hair colours, wig capsizing, and general hair styling-like cuts. These all must be done by hand like your natural hair would be catered for in a salon. Generally, for wig customizations to your exact requirements comes with a premium price as the stylist is required to undertake detailed work. 


Customizations can also be done by hairstylists who didn't make the wig. You can take it to them for it to be coloured and cut etc. This is great if you buy a generic lace frontal wig of the full lace wig and they are able to make it look more realistic and fashionable, all to your requirements This is a very popular service among stylists.


Pre-made Wigs can also be customized to your head size and shape. This a service that would be sent to a wig specialist who can deconstruct and reconstruct the wig to your specific requirements.


Lace wigs also have the ability to be repaired. If you have a wig that's in need of some TLC which is normal for lace wigs, extra hair can be added to balding spots or new lace added for a fresh look.


The head Mold 


A fully custom handmade done is created using the replica of the client's head. This is referred to as a head Mold. This allows for the perfect fit as it takes into consideration not the just head size, but the shape! Here at the Wig Gurus, we provide this service alongside our handmade full lace wigs. Alternatively, you can get a handmade lace wig made by us just using your standard head measurements. This also works great as we include adjustable straps and bands which help secure the wig in place. 

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